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Shopping in Pushkar

Apart from being a revered pilgrimage place, Pushkar is alsoShopping in Pushkar recognized as a major well of souvenirs in the state of Rajasthan. This Pushkar Shopping guide provides you all the information regarding the shopping places and famous shopping items of the city. The popular shopping items of Pushkar, available in the local bazaars, include:
Leather goods
Embroidered Clothes

A popular Pushkar shopping destination is the Pushkar fair. The fair is an ideal venue to shop for items such as embroidered clothes, bangles, leather goods, beads, camel cover, etc. The other main shopping places in Pushkar, Rajasthan are:
Sarafa Bazar
Baza Bazar
Kedalganj bazaar

Shopping in Pushkar can be truly exciting especially during the annual Urs Festival or Pushkar Festival .At these festivals, folk artisans and craftsmen display an array of traditional items which include silver and beaded jewellery, embroidered fabrics ,brass utensils ,miniature paintings and Rajasthani puppets. Shopping in Pushkar

Pushkar is also a place where you can buy souvenirs of Rajasthan. The shopping centers in Pushkar are Sarafa Bazaar, Baza Bazaar and Kedalganj Bazaar

Shopping is a delightful experience in Pushkar fair, wide range of Handicraft items are displayed on road side stalls. A bewildering variety of Souvenirs, curios, and trinkets are up for sale. The beads , bangles, embroidered shoes, clothes, shiny glass, brass utensils, belts and many more are on a display.

Pushkar's narrow main bazaar is lined with an assortment of absorbing little shops. Here you'll come across everything from late'60s-timewarp clothing to Rajasthani turbans, from statues of Ganesh to the novels of Salman Rushdie. Particularly good buys include costume jewellery, glass lamps, embroidered fabrics such as wall hangings and shoulder bags, Rajasthani puppets and traditional music. Much of the stock comes from the Barmer district south of Jaisalmer and other tribal areas of Rajasthan. You'll have to haggle, as Pushkar has long been exposed to tourists with money to burn and little time to burn it. There's the usual nonsense about 'last price' quotes that aren't negotiable take your time and visit a few shops.
There are number of bookshops in the main bazaar selling a tremendous range of secondhand novels, and they'll usually buy them back for around 50% of what you pay.